Kendra Mallett-Brunson

Kendra serves as the Senior Vice President of Impact and Collaboration, leaning into her passion of cultivating relationships and collaborating with the community.

As the former Executive Director of the LRADAC Foundation, Director of Development at Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter, Senior Development Officer at Winthrop University, and Strategic Partnerships Manager for SC Thrive, most of her roles have been spent in fund development and building the infrastructure for organizational sustainability. She spent the last three years serving as Chief Visionary Officer and Principal of The Grey Crayon, where she worked to help nonprofits, businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs discover their niche and attainable avenues to success.

With an understanding that we all have a sense of obligation to the preservation of our environment, she works daily to be better, share more, and recommit her voice to the advocacy of community and conservation.

Kendra lives in the Midlands with her husband and three children. When she is not working, you will find her coasting in 6-hour Netflix waves, escaping on exotic tours of Target, and lost in the wilderness, better known as Barnes and Nobles.


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